Successful Student Transition

This Wiki is being developed to provide graduating high school students with a central source for transition related information. The goal is to compile a vast array of valuable resources that will help these young adults successfully transition into independent living. This Wiki is currently in the initial stages of development, your patience is appreciated during this time and suggestions are always welcome.

Consideration is also being given to the development of Blended Schools classes (Occupational Education & Practical Reading/Finance) in which many assignments will be based upon resources and activities within this Wiki. In doing this, students will become familiar with website resources thus increasing their ability to utilize them upon graduation. Finally, assignments, resources, and material within this Wiki/Blended School framework could be compiled within individual "Google Docs" accounts which students can access upon graduation and serve as a transition portfolio.

Career Exploration

Continuing Education

Independent Living Skills

Financial Resources

Technology Resources

Personal Management Resources


Local Community Resources

Beneficial Websites for Life (misc.)

Misc. Helpful Documents for Successful Transition

Transition Portfolio